Wine & Dine in Oludeniz

Dining out at Olu is something special... silver service...quality wines...varied menus. Beach front venues offer great views and and evening breeze of the rising tide. Sounds of shingle float through the hum of voices and soft background music. Oludeniz is once more recrupating from a warm day... entering evening mode.

Enjoy local fish dishes, delicious seafood and a good selection of grills. For vegetarian specialities, try the MEZE selections. Turkey has the best watered lands of the Mediterranean allowing for the produce of delicious vegetables cooked with local olive oil. "Ottoman" Cuisine is unique, more butter is used, and oven-baked meat dishes are one of the great treats. Try "icli pilav"... a succulent rice dish with pine kernels and raisins.

Some of the beach-front restaurants have wood-fired ovens, where you can watch the chef using a long wooden spatula to cook "Pide"... long crusted pastries containing various fillings. By tradition; Turkey has Pide, Italy has pizza... and you can find both in Olu

If you walk up one of the side-streets you may come across interesting smaller eating houses to your fancy.

Oludeniz is a laid-back resort with a style and sophistication unlike any other in the area. It is relaxed and home to many fabulous restaurants and bars suiting all tastes and budgets. From cheap eats and kebabs, to fine seafood, steaks and international dishes served with a sea view, you can dine like a king drinking champagne cocktails, or enjoy a cheap local dish served with a smile and a small price tag - the choice is yours.

The Turks love their food and always enjoy a snack be it a peeled and salted cucumber, fresh almonds or a toastie. You will find a good selection of street food. Look out for the "maize man" selling roasted corn-cob drenched in butter with a little salt.

Sunset is the zenith of a summer's day... a time for many coloured skies and cocktails. Oludeniz' has many bars. Those on the beach-front offer you a wider range of cocktails than you can now get in Europe. Look out for the "Happy Hour" sign... two for the price of one! You can sample such bargain cocktails both before and after dinner... making friends as the beat gets stronger and the party starts.