Paragliding in Oludeniz

If you plan to do only one activity whilst on holiday, it has to be this!.

Take in the amazing views of Oludeniz from the skies and land on the beach. If you plan to do only one activity whilst on holiday in Turkey, it has to be this! With the impressive 6,460ft Babadag (Father Mountain) engulfing the horizon nearby and the wonderful Blue Lagoon refining the landscape, this beautiful resort on the Southwest coast of Turkey is known for being the best paragliding site in Europe.

The amazing scenery, the ideal currents and weather conditions here, as well as the multitude of companies that provide paragliding services in the area, makes Oludeniz a magnet for those aiming to try this breathtaking sport. Controlled by a fully qualified pilot, your glider is launched from an altitude of approximately 2,000 metres, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the breathtaking views before gently descending to the beach. No previous experience is required, although you should be in generally good health.

One of the major attractions in Oludeniz is the Oludeniz Air Games Festival held annually in October. Paragliders in their colorful attire descend on the Oludeniz beach after launching themselves from the nearby mountain take off sites.

Your flight will take you over the mountain’s ridges, out to sea for a bird’s eye view of Oludeniz’s famous lagoon, which you will have plenty of time to admire before a soft landing on the beach. A tandem flight is the perfect way to experience the exhilaration of paragliding safe in the knowledge that a fully qualified pilot is in control - no previous experience is required. Those who acquire a taste for the sensation and want to go solo can also undergo a five-day paragliding course leading to a paragliding beginners pilots licence.

Each year, from May to October, the Mediterranean skies of Oludeniz are full of adrenaline and coloured wings flying down from the Babadag mountain ridges, which can be witnessed as you lay on the sun drenched beach or swim in the cool waters of Oludeniz beach. You simply have to treat yourself to this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Your experience begins with a 45 minute journey to the summit of Babadag where there are a series of specially converted take off-sites. The transport takes you through some of the most spectacular countryside you will see on this trip to Turkey. The Babadag national park is famous for its stunning views over the Fethiye region along with its ancient cedar trees and eagles.

Roughly speaking, you launch from a hill-side under a canopy that resembles a parachute but acts like a rigid wing.

Once inflated over-head, it takes only a few steps or a short run to launch from gentle slopes and become airborn. In the air, complete control over direction and speed gives the pilot freedom to soar ridges, rise on warm currents of air and cover distances. Tandem paragliding puts you in the hot-seat and leaves the technicalities of flying in the hand of a competent pilot.