Diving in and around Oludeniz

Oludeniz is a small paradise on the South West Coast of Turkey, with golden sandy beaches surrounded by crystal blue-green waters..

In recent years, Turkey has become an increasingly attractive destination for divers offering warm, clear water, a large variety of sites, quality accommodation and a good range of activities for non - divers.

Turkey’s main diving area is the west and south coast in the Mediterranean, particularly around the resorts of Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Oludeniz and Kas.

Diving conditions are generally excellent throughout the diving season from April to November with visibility up to 30 metres and water temperature well above 20 deg C. Underwater landscape is typically a varied selection of reefs, walls, drop-offs and caverns. Marine life is less abundant than in tropical seas but includes grouper, rays, moray eels, turtles and octopi.

Oludeniz is blessed with crystal clear waters and an amazing scenery of drop-offs, caverns, canyons, bolders, swim troughs, reefs with visibility of 30 to 40 meters and rich colorful marine life.

Get away from the crowds dive into crystal clear waters and enjoy an amazing scenery of drop-offs, caverns, canyons, bolders and swim throughs.

At many of the dive sites rock formations give shelter to octopuses, moray eels, groupers and big shells. On the rocks scorpion fish, starfish, nudibranch and tube worms are easy to see while clams and shells lay along the sandy bottom.

Caverns, canyons and swim throughs are covered with colorful sponges, corals and small holes which give home to crabs and lobsters. Schools of small colorful fish swim around the rocks while tunas, turtles, jack fish and stingrays make their appearance often from the blue.

Observant divers may be able to catch a glimpse of seahorses in some areas and there is an abundance of nudibranch. Many sites also boast amphora and other pottery remains (look but dont touch - please remember to take only photographs, leave only bubbles). The good visibility, warm water and landscape features make Turkey a good option for divers of all abilities.

Explore the nearby reefs in waters with visibility of upto 30 to 40 meters, experience the rich colorful marine life and watch the sun rays diving into the endless blue!