Local Festivals

EVERYONE LOVES A CARNIVAL…and who more than the Turks! Each region of Turkey celebrates its produce and its heritage. Here are some of the local festivals.

Fetav Art & Cultural Festival

Second week in May; the festival’s aim is to promote peace and understanding, thus overcome the barriers of race, language and religion, and foster interest in Fethiye’s cultural and historical background. FETAV wishes to give its youth appreciation of culture in its widest sense. With this in mind the festival week offers conferences, theatre showings, musical performances, painting, sculpture, photographical exhibitions and local crafts. School children are invited to join in the workshops.


enjoy some mellow evening weather at Fethiye’s newly restored old amphitheatre while listening to some world renowned jazz and classical music performances....

Uzumlu Morel Mushroom Festival

This is celebrated 4 days in April generally towards the end of the month.The festival promotes knowledge of mushrooms edible and inedible, in particular the famous morel mushroom which grows all through the region. Considered a great delicacy in France and North America it is picked and dried for export. Visitors are made very welcome. One can attend lectures, go mushrooming with local guides and are then offered this rare delicacy cooked in various ways.

Uzumlu is a very attractive small town with winding narrow streets and a large market square. During the Festival stalls are set up to display Uzumlu’s traditional homespun and woven cotton and silk materials. These were originally used to make headscarves, bridal underwear and room hangings. Due to increased demand this cottage industry now produces shirts, blouses, dresses, curtains etc…ready-made or made-to-measure. Smaller items such as table cloths make excellent presents and souvenirs. Uzumlu is also famous for its house wines...!

A day spent there is well worth-while even if it is not the mushrooming season. To add it Uzumlu’s attractions, above the town lies Cadyanda. With views over the bay of Fethiye the designated walking route at the ancient Lycian settlement takes just over an hour one.


Calis Beach Carnival

3 days during the last week of May; Calis’s aim is to promote the area as a stand-alone resort. Locals, Turkish retirees, tradesmen and children all join the Fethiye International Group (FIG) to promote Turkish culture and traditions. There are stalls, activities, delicious food to sample and a grand parade along the promenade on the last day of the festival.


Oludeniz Art and Cultural Week

Oludeniz Art and Cultural festival extends over four days…a long weekend. during the month of June. It focuses on exhibitions, concerts, and presentations by well-known artists. This friendly event promoted by the local council also allows businesses, municipalities, and NGO’S a chance to introduce themselves to locals and visitors.


Kayakoy Connections Festival

Kayakoy Connections date varies every year. This festival celebrating literature, film, art, music, dance and food… all the stuff of life that links humanity throughout the world is stimulating, challenging, occasionally provocative and always fun. Kaya Connections explores the things that bring people together.


Kumluova Tomato Festival

Kumluova tomato festival is held in the middle of June to celebrate the local tomato harvest. There is a 2-day market (panayir) with evening performances by local artists.


Caretta Caretta Turtle Festival

This festival generally held in the last week of June celebrates the endangered Caretta Caretta turtle. Dalyan has become a natural haven for them. Fethiye protects the nesting areas specifically in the Calis region. Lectures are held during the day, linked in with presentations by Pamukkale University and followed by concerts and exhibitons in the evenings. Visits are organized to Dalyan (just 70 km to the west of Fethiye).

Oludeniz Air Games

Air Games are held every year at Oludeniz in October marking the end of the summer season. Pilots from all over the world compete in a range of adrenalin pumping attractions: hang-gliding, base-jumping, skydiving and acrobatic paragliding. In previous years Oludeniz was also fortunate enough to host the ‘Turkish Stars’ fighter jet team performing breathtaking acrobatic manoeuvres over the bay.


The Lycian Way Marathon

The Marathon takes place in the last week of September. While promoting the area as ideal trekking terrain it promotes friendly international cooperation and competition. The marathon starts from the Western section of the Lycian Way where forest paths dipping down towards the local coves reach around the local mountain chain. The trail is quite challenging and generally covers a distance of 240 km in 9 days. Accommodation, vehicle support and food are provided with GPS readings and maps...


Autumn Ataturk Cup Race

This is held in the first week of November. The festival is organised in Gocek, sponsored by Gocek Yacht Club. Its aim is to promote international interest in the East Mediterranean region and in remembrance of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey, who brought Turkey into the 20th century, promoting sporting activities and founding the State Opera and Ballet company.


Fethiye Musical Evenings

Breathtaking performances in October over several evenings in the ancient theatre above the port. Among the guest musicians this year are Idil Ibret and Natalia Guttman. They will be accompanied by the Antalya Symphonic Orchestra. This Classical Music event has been organized by FETAV and the Fethiye Municipality and supported by non-governmental organizations in Fethiye. Look out for Concert programme postings at Fethiye Kultur Merkezi (the blue Culture Hall).