Fethiye Tuesday Market

The Tuesday market has become an institution as much as it is a shopping venue.

Shaded tables with plastic cloths offer ‘gozleme’ with ‘ayran’… vegetable sellers water their colourful wares to keep them fresh, village women crouch around their panniers of dried fruits, olives and herbs.

Other salesmen handle and slap their melons to show how ripe they are, often brandishing a knife to cut out a chunk for you.

Rows of materials, children’s clothes, jeans, skirts and every description of underwear attract the local ladies. The market they say; is where one gets value for money.

Famous for a number of reasons, The Fethiye Tuesday market is a must for those who wants to see and feel the local culture and flavour...

Reaching the hardware section you will realise that most of the china-ware,cutlery etc. is imported from the far east, and that you are starting to tire.

The market stretches up from the canal for over a kilometre. Maybe it is time for fruit slush before heading back.

Your feet are killing you! If you came in on a dolmus treat yourself to a taxi-ride back.