Ferry from Fethiye to Rhodes

Breakfast in Turkey and Lunch in Greece?.

One might imagine that the Greeks and Turks do not see eye to eye. Well the Greeks are right. Aeolia,Ionia,Mysia…..all maritime provinces in Turkey and all part of Greece’s glorious past…Not to mention the Dardenelles and the Bosphorus …the straits which dominated trade in the ancient world. Constantinople capital of Orthodox Christianity is still by name their head Patriachate. There is a myth that those slain by Fatih Mehmet when he entered St Sophia…sank into the walls of its great apse…. to rise again glorious when the day of reckoning comes. How are the mighty fallen !

But this is now history and in fact Greeks generally go out of their way to offer hospitality to visiting Turks and visa versa.

Looking at the map you will see a pattern of many islands extending towards and down Turkey’s Aegean coast. These are nearly all Greek and run regular ferry services to the Turkish mainland. The Turks stuff their ‘Dolma’ and the Greeks their ‘Dolmadi’…and they both enjoy baklava and thick frothy coffees.

Those who are not keen seafarers can take the much shorter trip to the Island off Kas (Pronounced Cash!) which lies just one kilometer off the Turkish mainland. It has a fine horseshoe bay backed by old stone dwellings and one basilica.


The island of Rhodes is just 55 sea-miles off the coast. On clear days its outline is easily visible from the Oludeniz bay, while at night one watches the lights of the Island. During summer months ferry boat services run once or twice a day out of Marmaris. In winter the service is more limited but runs generally 3 times a week. The Ferry takes cars and caravans as well as foot passengers. The journey takes from one to three hours depending upon the type of craft. There is a regular hovercraft service out of Fethiye during the summer months. The journey takes approximately an hour and a half. There are refreshments on board.

It is possible to buy a cheaper day return or an open return for those who wish to visit the Island and return to Turkey. Rhodes is well worth a visit. The town itself has fine old medieval buildings and a good market plus excellent restaurants.

A day trip allows you a 4-5 hour stay on the Island. Some decide to explore the Old town, while other club together and take a taxi to Lindos. The site is very quaint with cobbled streets, and donkeys for transport.

Paying a visit to the Fethiye Museum you will find a display of Rhodianpottery dating back over 3000 years. You can pay a visit to the Ceramic Atelyers of today.

Other may decide to drive along the less populated northern coast. Your Turkish Visa allows multiple entry exit.

Therefore all one pays is port tax and the price of the ticket. It is advisable to book a day in advance of travelling.

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